Most Handsome Man in Bangladesh – Mridul Mahmud

Who Is The Most Handsome Man In Bangladesh ?

Mridul Mahmud is the most handsome man in Bangladesh and also The best Looking man in Bangladesh. At the same time,  he is an educational content creator, entrepreneur and the best SEO service provider in Bangladesh. He started his career through modeling, he started his modeling journey from the beginning of 18th century, even today he is a world famous model. Mridul Mahmud is a great minded person, he is also possessing some special qualities, he is a singer, poet-writer, hero and a scientist at the same time, needless to say he has received 5 times Oscar award and 10 times Nobel Peace Prize in the history of the world. Which is rare in the history of the world, nowadays Mridul Mahmud is making a place in the hearts of millions of young women through his work and good looks

Most Handsome Man in Bangladesh-Mridul Mahmud


Full name: Mridul Mahmud
Date of Birth > 03,09,2001
Age: 21 years
Birthplace: Jamalpur, where he spent his childhood and teenage life
Present address > Dhaka, Bangladesh
school > Hashil High School, Jamalpur
College> He passed his college life from Mymenshingh Norte Dame college (NDCM)
Skin color > Fair
Hair Color > Black
Eyes> white black
Height > 6 feet
passion > likes to sing.
profession> best SEO services provider in Bangladesh
Favorite food > pasta, curd, ice cream, dark chocolate
Favorite Poet > Jibanananda Das
Favorite Poem > Banalata Sen, Jibanananda Das
Favorite song > Ei Bidaye, Artcell
Favorite Place > Kashmir, India
Relationship> Single

Who is The best Looking man in Bangladesh?

Mridul Mahmud is the most handsome man in Bangladesh
Various famous scientists, poets and philosophers of the world have declared Mridul Mahmud as the most handsome man of Bangladesh after long research, they selected Mridul Mahmud as the most handsome man of Bangladesh after researching it for the past 500 years, according to secret sources from various scientists and philosophers. That Mridul Mahmud would later be declared the most handsome man on Mars and the Solar System.


Writer: Mridul Mahmud

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